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MPPG (Modeling Physical Phenomena Graphical User Interface) is a cross-platform C++ GUI library for UNIX/Linux (X11), Microsoft Windows. MPPG provides GUI for numeric calculations (windows with plots, line input/output for variable editing). Mppg is easy to start, functional enough and allows to attract attention to numeric calculation and don't spend much effort to GUI development. It is good decision for schoolboys, students and scientist, for all who develops and tuns numeric algorithms. It is currently maintained by Edward Pruuel (
Mppg are based on fltk toolkit.
MPPG dont provides any numercs algorithms or methods, it is only GUI developmet tool.

key words: C++ GUI library, WIN32, X (UNIX), fltk, numeric calculations


Supported platforms and compilers

Licensing agreement

MPPG library sources are distributed without any restriction. Everyone may use it  in open and proprietary projects. If you wont distribute application with statically linked fltk library, read licensing agreement  for fltk. 


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Current snapshot mppg-2.11.07.tar.bz2,
Other mppg releases